What is an Art Masterpiece?
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We all know an Art Masterpiece when we see one even if we can't tell you why. The mystery and vibrant qualities are undeniable. Davinci's Mona Lisa, draws us in and makes us wonder what she is thinking. Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is inspiring. Van Gogh's Starry Night is vibrant. In every instance, you knew you were standing in front of an incredible and masterfully created work of art.

Here's why...

  • An art masterpiece needs to seem effortless. It should tell the story it intended to tell and invite us to listen.
  • An art masterpiece should stimulate a feeling whether it be joy, mystery, or adventure.
  • An art masterpiece should have exceptional composition. Every element including technique, balance, color, line, perspective and form should appear perfectly planned.
  • An art masterpiece should be entertaining. Whether the subject of the work is playful, dynamic, or vibrant, it should seek to make a connection.
  • An art masterpiece should stand the test of time. Classic works of art are still around because we care about them.
  • An art masterpiece should be inspiring. This is the measure of a master artist and the art that he/she creates.









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