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Quick Draw Flip Books | Klutz Book
With Quick Draw Flip Books, turn your doodles into amazing motion pictures. To make this classic activity easier than ever, we feature several sets of perforated pages, each with its own sequence of partially drawn pictures for you to finish. Super-easy techniques show how to animate things that fly, bounce, or splash along with friendly how-to's guiding you every step. Comes with 4 clips, 5 markers, 80 pgs.

Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered | Klutz Book
A sketchbook with training wheels from Quentin Blake, one of the most celebrated illustrators in the world today. Inspirational artwork, shameless cheerleading, helpful technique tips and lots of what-to-draw ideas share each page with plenty of white space reserved for the use of the artist-to-be. Included with each book are an artist-quality sketch pen and two watercolor pencils, one red, one black. Comes with sketch pen, and two watercolor pencils.

Watercolor: For the Artistically Undiscovered | Klutz Book
Most of the pages in this book are actual watercolor paper with blank space reserved for the use of the reader/painter (that's you). Comes with a palette of six artist-quality watercolors and a brush. Most importantly, this book also comes with the artwork, technique tips and encouragement of renowned illustrator Thacher Hurd. Comes with a set of watercolors, and a brush.

Book of Artrageous Projects
This amazing collaboration with the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, comes with all the supplies needed for a hands-on artistic experience, like copper-colored foil, light sensitive paper, color pigments and a paint brush. It's guaranteed to put you in an art-doing mood.

How to Draw Funny: Give Your Doodles A Comic Twist | Klutz Book
Friendly instructions show how to draw comics and find your inner funny. With this draw-right-in-it book, use the training wheels inside to illustrate sound effects, create action and energy, accentuate and exaggerate the ridiculous — basically, how to get the laughs. The book comes with a mechanical pencil, a white eraser, three dual-tipped markers in various tones of gray and black, and easy-to-trace templates of essential comic shapes like speech bubbles, bursts, bonks, and bings — all essential tools for drawing funny. Comes with three bi-point markers, mechanical pencil and eraser.

First Steps Painting Watercolors
Watercolor's vivid colors and fresh, direct brush strokes make it the most exciting way to paint. "But," you think, "Learning to paint must be hard and frustrating." Not with Cathy Johnson as your teacher! Here, she makes learning to paint in watercolor fun and easy!












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