Hey Kids, Meet the Artist
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This month was devoted to creating great new "Hey Kids, Meet the Artist" biographies. Several artist biographies already feature free educational resources for the art classroom teacher and homeschooling parent. More are on the way!

It's our mission to pursue creative excellence in the design of free art resources for elementary art classroom teachers, homeschool parents and students, for the purpose of building kids up in positive ways and enriching their lives with an appreciation for art and learning.

What's New...

"Hey Kids, Meet the Artist" Biographies

Hey Kids, Meet Jan Vermeer
Hey Kids, Meet Georges Seurat
Hey Kids, Meet Edgar Degas
Hey Kids, Meet Grandma Moses
Hey Kids, Meet Walt Disney
Hey Kids, Meet Albrecht Durer
Hey Kids, Meet Marc Chagall
Hey Kids, Meet Leonardo da Vinci
Hey Kids, Meet Mary Cassatt
Hey Kids, Meet Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
Hey Kids, Meet Charles M. Schulz

"Learn to Draw" Lessons

Does Negative Space Have a Shape?
Pure Contour Drawing

Art Masterpiece Cookies | Art Lessons

Piet Mondrian Cookies
Joan Miro Cookie
Alexander Calder Cookies
Vincent Van Gogh Cookies
Paul Klee Cookies
Henri Matisse Cookies
Pablo Picasso Cookies

Free Coloring Page

Ten (10) Commandments Coloring Page

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