Student Art Gallery
from the MAF! Art Library

Readymade-Assist Face by Ciarra (10) and
Tessa (12)

Their project was to create a new visual image by combining 2-4 found objects, in the same way Pablo Picasso created his Bull's Head (1943) by combining a bicycle seat and bicycle handle bars.

Kinetic Sculpture Goose by Lauren (11)
Lauren made this goose as part of an Alexander Calder famous artist unit.

Three Musicians Coloring Page by James (7)
James colored our Three Musicians | Coloring Page as part of a unit on Pablo Picasso.

Op Art after Vasarely by Ciarra (11)
Ciarra's project was to recreate a work of art by a famous Op Art artist. She created her work with colored pencils.

Etch A Sketch Kingdom by James K (11)
James is always drawing. Recently he created several outstanding images with his Etch A Sketch.














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