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Art Masterpiece Lessons/Projects
Learn about the master artists with these free art projects for kids.

Alexander Calder | Cookies
Alexander Calder | Wire Sculpture Horse
Paul Klee | Cookies
Michelangelo | Paint the Creation of Adam
Michelangelo | Soap Sculpture
Henri Matisse | Cookies
Henri Matisse | Painting with Scissors
Joan Miro | Cookies
Piet Mondrian | Rectangles, Colors and Black Lines
Mondrian | Cookies
Claude Monet | Water Lily Pond
Pablo Picasso | Cookies
Jackson Pollack | With a Splatter and a Drip
Vincent van Gogh | Cookies
Vincent van Gogh | Star Bright, Starry Night

"Learn to Draw" Lessons
Learn how to draw, with lessons on drawing contours, construction drawing, perspective, value (light and shadow), and drawing terms.

Nothin yet... bummer!

Drawing Contours
Lesson 1: Optical Illusion Vase
Lesson 2: Fraggle Monster Vase
Lesson 3: Picasso's The Dog
Lesson 4: Picasso's The Butterfly
Lesson 5: Matisse's La Pompadour
Lesson 6: Soda Pop Straws
Lesson 7: Does Negative Space Have a Shape?
Lesson 8: Pure Contour Drawing
Lesson 9: Draw a Face
Lesson 10: Draw Johann Sebastian Bach

Lesson 1: The Basic Shapes of Everything

Perspective Drawing
Lesson 1: Bigger and Smaller
Lesson 2: One-Point Perspective
Lesson 3: Two-Point Perspective

Light and Shadow
Nothin yet... bummer!

Colored Pencils
10 Tippy Top Colored Pencils Tips for Beginners
Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners
5 Tips for Blending Colored Pencils

Drawing Terms
Drawing Terms | Word Search Worksheet

"Learn to Draw" Projects
Learn how to draw with these step-by-step "Learn to Draw" projects.

"Draw and Giggle" Projects
Retro Robot
Spring Fairy

"Learn to Watercolor" Lessons
Learn how to paint with watercolor, including basic supplies to buy, how to hold your brush, and watercolor terms.

Watercolor Supplies
Basic Supplies for Beginners

Watercolor Lessons
Lesson 1: How to Hold a Watercolor Brush
Lesson 2: How Big Should My Picture Be?
Lesson 3: 10 Tippy Top Watercolor Tips for Beginners
Lesson 4: Getting to Know Your Round Brush
Lesson 5: Getting to Know Your Flat Brush

Watercolor Terms
Watercolor Terms | Word Search Worksheet

"Learn to Watercolor" Projects
Learn how to paint with watercolors with these step-by-step "Learn to Watercolor" projects.

"Paint and Giggle" Projects
Happy Kindergartener
The Little Engine That Could
"Make a Wish" Fairy
Monkey Loves Banana
Retro Robot
Snork Monster
Whimsical Flight

"Paint the Greats" Projects
The Singing Fish (Joan Miro)
Ballerina (Edgar Degas)
Sunflower (Vincent van Gogh)
Three Musicians (Pablo Picasso)
Beasts of the Sea (Henri Matisse)
The Girl with the Pearl Earring (Jan Vermeer)

"Learn to Cartoon" Lessons
Learn how to draw cartoons with these step-by-step "Learn to Cartoon" projects.

Penguin | "Learn to Cartoon" Lesson

Craft Projects for Kids
Find fun craft project to do with your kids, including free printable templates and instructions.

Abe Lincoln Sock Puppet
Dog Paper Bag Puppet
Owl Paper Bag Puppet
Smile Monster Paper Bag Puppet
Penguin Photo Frame






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