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Drawing Contours
Learn how to draw the lines that define the shape of the stuff you want to draw.

Lesson 1: Optical Illusion Vase
Lesson 2: Fraggle Monster Vase
Lesson 3: Picasso's The Dog
Lesson 4: Picasso's The Butterfly
Lesson 5: Matisse's La Pompadour
Lesson 6: Soda Pop Straws
Lesson 7: Does Negative Space Have a Shape?
Lesson 8: Pure Contour Drawing
Lesson 9: Draw a Face
Lesson 10: Draw Johann Sebastian Bach

Construction Drawing
Learn how to draw everything with just a few basic shapes.

Lesson 1: The Basic Shapes of Everything

Perspective Drawing
Learn how to draw three-dimensional stuff on two-dimensional paper.

Lesson 1: Bigger and Smaller
Lesson 2: One-Point Perspective
Lesson 3: Two-Point Perspective

Value (Light and Darks)
Learn how to add value (the lights and darks) to your drawing projects.

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Colored Pencils
Learn basic colored pencil techniques.

10 Tippy Top Colored Pencils Tips for Beginners
Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners
5 Tips for Blending Colored Pencils

Drawing Terms
Learn and drill basic drawing terms with this free worksheet.

Drawing Terms | Word Search Worksheet








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