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Print this "Learn to Watercolor" project and grab a brush. You are 5 steps away from a fantastic watercolor painting!

Three Musicians (Excerpt) by Pablo Picasso | "Learn to Watercolor" Project

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This watercoloring lesson introduces the art of Spanish Modern artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). Following a step-by-step approach, you'll learn basic watercolor painting techniques as you paint an excerpt from his cubist masterpiece Three Musicians (1905).

Step 1
Start by sketching the harlequin musician. Once you have everything looking just right, you can start to paint.

Step 2
Paint all of the orange areas including the triangles on the musician's outfit, the area above the guitar, and the neck of the guitar. Let the color dry completely. Then, when the paint is completely dry, paint all of the alternating yellow triangles. (You might want to use your mom's hair dryer to move things along.)

Step 3
Paint the hat and guitar headstock (the tuning peg thingy) black, and the mask blue. Don't worry if you don't cover every speck of white space. The imperfections are what make watercolor paintings so interesting.

Step 4
Paint the guitar, hands and shoes brown. Your brush strokes, as always, should be quick and spontaneous.

Step 5
Your painting is almost finished. Paint the beard and sleeve cuffs with a watered-down black watercolor paint. Remember to test the color on a scratch piece of paper before your start painting your picture. That's it!


If your watercolor painting didn't turn out as well as you hoped, try painting it again. Every talent takes time to master. If you apply yourself, you will be great!









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