Penguin | "Learn to Draw" Project
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Print this "Learn to Draw" project and grab a pencil. You are 5 steps away from a fantastic drawing!

Penguin | "Learn to Draw" Project

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This penguin is fun to draw, and is constructed from some very basic geometric shapes. The head is a square, the flippers and body are ovals, and the beak and feet are triangles.

Step 1
Start by sketching these basic shapes. Remember to make your lines light, because you will erase them later.

Step 2
With the basic geometric shapes drawn, you can be confident that all of the penguins proportions will be just right. Next let's make those geometric shapes a little more penguin-like. Begin with the body and then work out, shaping the head, beak, flippers, and feet.

Step 3
Now let's draw belly line. Two simple curved lines divide the black back of our penguin from the white stomach.

Step 4
The eyes and eyebrows are all we have left to add. A popular look for the cartoon penguin is to draw the eyes on top of the head, as you see in this penguin. Also notice that the eyes are not perfect ovals.

If you would like to be a little creative, try drawing the eyes bigger, smaller or different shapes. You might come up with a funny penguin of your own!

Step 5 Darken the lines with your pencil or a black marker. If you would like to color your penguin, colored pencils or crayons will work great.


If your drawing didn't turn out as well as you hoped, try drawing it upside down. It might seem like a funny idea, but it makes you think differently.

Look at the drawing as a bunch of lines, rather than a penguin. Think about how the lines fit together. How one line curves and then crosses another. Find the shapes between the lines and draw them.

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