Perspective Drawing for Beginners | Two-Point Perspective
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In our first lesson on perspective drawing, Perspective Drawing for Beginners | Bigger and Smaller, we learned a simple lesson that makes perspective drawing easy:

If it's close, it's bigger. If it's far away, it's smaller.

In our second lesson, Perspective Drawing for Beginners | One-Point Perspective we learned about drawing objects with one vanishing point, and introduced the second basic principle of perspective drawing:

If things are far away enough, they seem to disappear.

Here we are at our third, and final lesson on perspective drawing. Everything you learned in the last two lessons is now applied to a city scene that vanishes in two different directions. Yep, two-point perspective.

Let's draw.

Step 1
Begin by drawing dots for two vanishing points on the left and right sides of your paper. Next, make a few more dots in the center of your paper that will represent the top and bottom corners of the closest building. Make one more dot for the sidewalk. Using your ruler, lightly draw the guide lines that connect the dots and the vanishing points. Finish by drawing a vertical line right down the middle that will represent the closest edge of the first building.

Step 2
Decide where the far edges of this building will be. Draw those lines with your ruler, and then darken the rest of the lines for this building.

Step 3
Decide where you will place the next two buildings. Begin by drawing the vertical lines. After you have drawn those lines you will need to create a few more vanishing point guide lines. Study the example carefully, and then add these lines. The careful addition of these lines will help you to get all of the angles right, and make your drawing look terrific.

Step 4
The doors and the windows are all we have left to add. If you would like to be a little creative, try adding a sidewalk, a couple more buildings, or even a car driving away.

For Teachers
This lesson is one of three lessons designed to introduce perspective drawing to elementary art students. The first lesson begins with bigger/smaller aspect of objects when we consider them in perspective. The next two lessons will introduce one-point and two-point perspective.






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