Picasso Cubist Paper Bag Puppet | Craft for Kids
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Picasso Cubist Paper Bag Puppet | Template and Instructions
Lunch Size Paper Bag
Colored Construction Paper or Craft Foam
Glue Stick

Step 1
Cut pieces from the template.

Step 2
Transfer shapes to craft foam and cut out. Visible marks on the craft foam may be avoided by placing the template shapes face down on the foam while tracing them. The opposite side will be the one that you will see.

Step 3
Cut them out.

Step 4
Glue the purple face piece behind the orange face piece.

Step 5
Glue ears to back of face and then glue to bag.

Step 6
Glue hair to the bag bottom.

Step 7
Glue all other pieces in place.

Step 8
Draw smile with a black marker.

Have Fun!






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