Owl Paper Bag Puppet | Craft for Kids
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Owl Paper Bag Puppet | Template and Instructions
Lunch Size Paper Bag
Colored Construction Paper
Glue Stick

Step 1
Cut the all of the pieces from the template. You may choose to purchase transfer paper and transfer the pieces to the construction paper. Doing so would eliminate the need to cut the template.

Step 2
Cut the yellow body and head pieces, and glue them to the paper bag.

Step 3
Next, cut the yellow eye feathers, and glue them to the head piece.

Step 4
Cut the orange, white and brown eye pieces, and glue them together.

Step 5
The nose is made of three pieces of paper. The primary part is orange. The other two parts include a small red piece on the left side of the beak, and a brown piece that is glued behind the orange piece to create a shadow on the right side of the beak. Cut those pieces out, and glue them together.

Step 6
Cut the chest feathers and arrange them in pattern that seems interesting.

Step 7
Lay all of the pieces in place, and glue.

Have Fun!






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