Henri Matisse Cookies
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Grade 3-6

Students will learn about French modern artist Heni Matisse by being introduced to his art, and then by creating their own masterpiece after his work. This free lesson plan is designed to fulfill the National Standards for Art Education: Grades K-4/Standard 3: Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas; and Grades 5-8/Standard 2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.

4" Sugar Cookies
Cookie Frosting
Food Coloring
Popsicle Sticks or Paint Brushes
Cookie Design Worksheet


Step 1
Show the students a color plate of Icarus. Ask students, "Who remembers the name of the artist that created this art masterpiece?" (Henri Matisse)


Step 2
Show students color plates of 2 similar cut-out works: Black Leaf on Green Background (1952) and Ice Skaters Gliding Start. Ask students, "Who can tell me what is the same about all three artworks?" (Subject is a solid color, background is a solid color, silhouette-like)

Step 3
Tell students "Our project will be to create your own art masterpiece following these examples of Matisse's art on a cookie."

Step 4
Tell students, "On your table you will find an Art Masterpiece Cookie Design Worksheet with three large circles and several crayons. Our first step is to draw a design for your cookie on this worksheet. Your design should use elements that we have seen in Matisse's art."

Step 5
Provide each student with a sugar cookie, a popsicle stick or clean paint brush, and access to the premixed colors of frosting.

Step 6
Tell students, "You may begin to paint your Matisse cookie."

Step 7
Quiz students about Henri Matisse as they paint.

1) Where was Matisse born? (France)

2) What era was he from? (Modern Era)

3) What is similar about the three Matisse cut-out works that I showed you? (Subject is a solid color, background is a solid color, silhouette-like)

Students may enjoy learning about Henri Matisse by printing a Matisse Cookie Worksheet, and recreating the cookie featured in this lesson.

Have fun!






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