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These funny guys have found their way into more cartoons than almost any other bird. Because we know their features so well, we're free to draw them however we would like as long as we include the basics - the black-and-white tux, flipper hands and a stiff chubby body.

There is really only one rule that you never want to break when you draw a penguin - it has to be cute! One way to make them cute is by plopping their body down on some oversized feet. That stubby look makes them adorable and a sure winner with penguin fans.

Placing the eyes on top of the head with floating eyebrows is a popular look in cartoon character design. In the real world, the eyes would never sit this high, breaking the outline of the face. In cartooning it's okay - and funny too! (Example A)

The penguin's feet should be drawn as a pair of curved lines. Sketch these lines lightly and then erase them once you have the final shape. (Example B)

The wings of the cartoon penguin are generally somewhat inflexible. The hand is drawn like a mitten with the thumb showing as needed. Individual fingers are never shown. (Example C)


That's the basics. Let's draw!









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