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Hi folks! The following resources are our very first editions to this website. We hope you will learn from and enjoy what we have created for you.

It's our mission to pursue creative excellence in the design of free art resources for elementary art classroom teachers, homeschool parents and students, for the purpose of building kids up in positive ways and enriching their lives with an appreciation for art and learning.

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What's New...

"Learn to Draw" Technique

Lesson 1: Optical Illusion Vase
Lesson 2: Fraggle Monster Vase
Lesson 3: Picasso's The Dog
Lesson 4: Picasso's The Butterfly
Lesson 5: Matisse's La Pompadour
Lesson 6: Soda Pop Straws
Lesson 1: The Basic Shapes of Everything

"Learn to Draw" Projects

Retro Robot | "Learn to Draw" Project
Spring Fairy | "Learn to Draw" Project
Penguin | "Learn to Draw" Project

"Learn to Watercolor" Technique

Basic Supplies for Beginners
Lesson 1: How Big Should My Picture Be?

"Learn to Cartoon" Technique

Penguin | "Learn to Cartoon" Lesson

Hey Kids, Meet the Artist | Biographies

Henri Matisse
Piet Mondrian
Pablo Picasso

Art Masterpiece Lessons/Projects

Piet Mondrian | Rectangles, Colors and Black Lines

Art Masterpiece Lessons/Projects
Visit the Art Masterpiece Desktop Wallpaper Index for Mondrian's Composition in Blue, and Monet's Impression Sunrise.

Art Materpiece Desktop Wallpaper Index

Word Search Worksheets
Build reading skills with our free printable artist word search worksheets. Let your students know how many words there are to find, and then ask them to complete the word search by identifying and circling the keywords found in the biography.

Piet Mondrian Word Search
Pablo Picasso Word Search

Art Masterpiece Coloring Pages

Composition with Blue, Red and Yellow by Piet Mondrian
Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso

Coloring Pages

Huh? Brown Bear | Coloring Page
Wooly Mammoth | Coloring Page
Worker Bee | Coloring Page
Bumblebee | Coloring Page
Courageous Horse | Coloring Page
Happy Puppy | Coloring Page
Eek! Shark! | Coloring Page
Oliver the Octopus | Coloring Page
Monkey Loves Banana | Coloring Page
Piggy Bank | Coloring Page
Polar Bear | Coloring Page
Puzzled Beaver | Coloring Page
Mallard Duck | Coloring Page
Cricket | Coloring Page
Mermaid | Coloring Page
Spring Fairy | Coloring Page
Noah's Ark | Coloring Page
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors | Coloring Page
Christmas Tree | Coloring Page
Easter Bunny with Egg | Coloring Page
Easter Bunny with Sign | Coloring Page
Easter Eggs | Coloring Page
Cartoon Car | Coloring Page
Retro Robot | Coloring Page
One Wheel Willy Robot | Coloring Page
Electa-Girl Robot | Coloring Page
Cartoon Car | Coloring Page
Space Boy | Coloring Page

Other Stuff to Read

Appreciating Art Education
Inspire Coloring Page Creativity
National Standards for Visual Art Education

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