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Take a look at this drawing. What do you see?


This vase is no ordinary vase. It's an optical illusion. When you look at it you will see either a vase or two faces. If you continue to look, the drawing will appear to shift back and forth from the vase to the faces.

Before You Draw
Read all the instructions for the drawing project.

Draw a profile of a person's face on the left side of the paper. If you are left-handed, begin on the right. It is not necessary to draw the profile as you see it. In fact, it would be better if you would draw one from memory.


2) Draw horizontal lines for the top and bottom of the vase.


3) Trace over the drawing of the face that you have already drawn. Name the parts of the face as you pass over each feature.

4) Next, beginning at the top of your drawing, draw the face in reverse on the right side of the vase. This second profile should be a copy of the first in reverse. Be observant of what you are thinking as you draw this profile.


After Drawing
The first profile was probably drawn rapidly, using thinking skills that allowed you to draw shapes from memory and then name the features. To complete this drawing you had to find a different way to accomplish what seemed to be the same goal - drawing a profile. One that allowed you to look back and forth between the 2 profiles to observe the curves and angles that would allow you to draw a reverse image.

If your drawing of the first face seemed easy, while the second face seemed much more challenging and confusing, don't give up. You have just discovered your special abilities for drawing. All you need to do now is practice!

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For Teachers
This series of exercises was created to help the young artist discover and develop the special abilities of the right brain. The side of the brain that is 'right for drawing.'

This drawing project is the first in a series of projects that will help you to develop those special abilities. During this project students may experience confusion and conflict to accomplish the task of drawing the second profile, and that they had to analyze and problem solve. This profile had to be drawn differently. This is right-brain drawing.

Lessons in this "Learn to Draw" series are based on ideas from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Learn more at DrawRight.com.






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