Draw Johann Sebastian Bach | "Learn to Draw" Lesson
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Now that you understand a few rules about drawing a face, let's apply them to our next project. This drawing has a few more lines and a lot more curves, but it isn't any harder than any other drawing.

Before You Draw
Find a place where you won't be distracted. You might enjoy playing some music while you draw. Allow about 45 minutes to complete the drawing in one sitting. Try not to name the parts as you draw. Rather, think about how the lines curve and fit together.

After You Draw
You may have found that the music seemed to fade out as you shifted to right brain thinking, the side of the brain that is 'right for drawing.' Perfect! That's just what you want.

For Teachers
This series of exercises was created to help the young artist discover and develop the special abilities of the right brain. The side of the brain that is 'right for drawing.' Lessons in this "Learn to Draw" series are based on ideas from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.






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